St. Joseph College of Nursing



          St.Joseph’s College of Nursing, Anchal is one of the health care Education Institutions established on 2002 by the St.Joseph’s Medical Trust, founded by the religious sisters of the Daughters of Mary Congregation of the St.Mary’s Province in the Major Archiepiscopal diocese of Trivandrum, in accordance with the rights of the minority community guaranteed in the Constitution of India. The College is affiliated to the Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences and recognized by Govt. of Kerala, Indian Nursing Council and Kerala Nursing Council. 
          St.Joseph’s College of Nursing drew its inspiration from the vision and mission of the late Archbishop Mar Ivanios and Msgr.Fr. Joseph Kuzhinjalil the founder father of the Society of Daughters of Mary of Congregation. Nurturing the intellectual faculties is our special mission. This college stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and service of man as modeled in Jesus Christ so as to produce intellectually mature, technically skilled morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired women of India. 
          The St.Joseph’s College of Nursing stands for top quality training in nursing care and the B.Sc degree programme in nursing aims to equip the graduate nurses with adequate knowledge and to meet the challenges of ever changing and fast developing health care system, sophisticated technology and ever increasing social demands. 
          We believe that the graduates from this programme will show exceptional qualities of skill, intuition, sense of responsibility good manners, sympathetic temperament sense of proportion, capacity for supervision teaching and habit of observation punctuality, obedience cleanliness and accurate statement.
          The B.Sc degree programme is geared to the health needs of the country, the community and the individual, and it will serve as a basis for advanced study and specialization in nursing. It will assist nurses in their personal and professional development so that they may make their maximum contribution to the society as individual citizens and nurses.
          The mission of St.Joseph’s College of Nursing expects its students to uphold the ethical values and principles of morality us interpreted by the Catholic Church. The institution prepares students for the role of future leaders loyal to the highest ideals of health profession health is both a means and an end of developments improving the quality of life.
           St. Joseph’s College of Nursing profess the motto “ let your light shine before men”, urges the students to search for newer knowledge and newer ways to discover the real needs of human person through research, study and extension. The college aims to enable educated women to acquire knowledge and share this knowledge with others through nursing education and develop skills in providing quality care to the sick with a holistic approach without distinction of caste, creed, colour or social status.